WoW Made Easy: World Maps

World of Warcraft Made Easy

I absolutely hate trying to complete a quest, and not even know how to get where I’m going.  You can Google the quest, but it shows you a map of where it happens, not how to get there or even surrounding areas that might give you a clue as how to get there.  So I went searching again for ways to make all of your gaming experiences just a little easier so you won’t be irritated when you can’t find your destination.

I bring you 3 World of Warcraft maps.  Each map has high detail with Zones, their levels, and all the areas of interest therein.  So download these to your desktop, store them away, and when you get lost trying to find some freaking Imp in Felwood, as I did when I decided to find these maps, all you’ll have to do is press Alt-Tab and check your maps.  Included are three maps to all the areas of Warcraft, including Eastern Kingdoms, Kalimdor, and the Outlands.  So enjoy, and happy gaming!

Credit goes to for creation and distribution of the maps.  You can download them from their website for all three files can be downloaded in a Zip file from the link below.

Just select Free Download, there will be a short wait, and then enter the code that pops up.  Presto!  You have your maps!

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