WoW Made Easy: Locations for Hard-to-Find/Easy-to-Sell Items


Okay ladies and gents. Here’s a follow up on my last WoW blog. I told you that Warcraft is all about supply and demand if you are after the big money. Now here’s a few distributors for you to check out. But remember, the secret is to only put one or two of each item up for auction at a time. Just like in real life, the easier it is to find or make, the less it’s worth. Keep the supply low, and the demand will be high. Then all you have to do is take advantage.

Blizrik Buckshot
Blizrik is the first goblin pulling through for us. He sells guns in Gadgetzan in Tanaris. The best thing about Blizrik is the fact that since he isn”t an engineer, most people aren”t going to check him for limited engineering schematics. Purchase EZ-Thro Dynamite II from Blizrik, head a few doors down to the alchemy merchant and purchase Transmute Iron to Gold and Transmute Mithril to Truesilver.

Knaz and Gnaz Blunderflame
Gnomes are the best! Knaz and Gnaz live in the hills in Stranglethorn Vale which is a 30+ zone. Their house is probably one of the least obvious, so you might have some trouble finding them initially. They”re due east of the skullsplitter trolls, but the mountains in the area will appear to be too steep to climb. Keep trying and you”ll eventually find a route that gets you to the (very) hidden winding path.

Knaz sells the Deadly Scope schematic and Gnaz sells the Mechanical Dragonling schematic. Of the two, the dragonling is actually more in demand on my server. Although, the purchase price is a steep 1 gold for the dragonling, you can easily turn around and sell it for 4. The Deadly Scope is a little cheaper, but it too can be sold for 3 to 4 gold.

Ruppo and Gigget Zipcoil
Ruppo lives in the Hinterlands which is a 40+ zone. You can still get to him early on, but you might die a lot if you”re too low. Ruppo, like Zan, lives in an area not obvious on the in-game map. He’’s nestled between a few hills north east of Aerie Peak.

Ruppo sells the much coveted Mithril Dragonling engineering recipe. For only 40 silver, you can turn around and sell this recipe in the auction house for around 4 gold depending on your server.

The Mithril Dragonling schematic is one of the more popular buy-then-sell schematics, so you might find you”re competing with a few other knowledgeable players. However, they tend to stop at the Mithril Dragonling schematic, where you”ll also get the Ironfeather Shoulders pattern from Gigget standing nearby.

The Ironfeather Shoulders pattern, while expensive at 1 gold and 40 silver, can also be sold for a nice profit on the auction house, so be sure to pick it up too. You can usually get away with selling it for 3 to 4 gold making this location particularly profitable.

Zan Shivsproket
He sells the Gnomish Cloaking Device schematic. Zan is particularly good because he’’s not in an area most people would just stumble on him. I never see Gnomish Cloaking Devices for sale in the auction house on my server so this always earns me some gold.

You can find Zan in the hidden mountain rogue stronghold in Hillsbrad. He’’s at the bottom of the stairs in the engineering lab. You”ll know you”ve found the right place when you see the various robots strewn around the room. Check the map for the general location.

You”ll find the stronghold along a winding mountain road. If you”ve never been there before, look for the winding path on the west side of the mountain range near the river.

Hillsbrad Foothills is a relatively low level zone, so you could make the trek at a very early level indeed. It’’s a great way to bring in some serious cash at low levels.

So if the first piece didn’t get you some cash flow, these most certainly will. I’ve tested each one, and am happy with the results. Happy selling!

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