WoW Made Easy: A Warcraft Chat Cheat Sheet

World of Warcraft Made Easy

I was scouting around on a way to make chat commands a little more simple to understand. On my venture, I came across a website called and found a nice little gem. The good folks there have created a WoW Cheat Sheet for those who haven’t quite figured out the whole chat scene. When you use chat you can target other people, change chat channels, manage your guild rankings, add or delete people from groups, and let’s not forget the physical portion of the game. You can wave, dance, fart, growl, bark, and charge people. That’s just a few of a couple hundred. So here’s a link to the cheat sheet in PNG format. Print it out, and practice! You’ll be amazed how much more interesting the game is when you know how to do some of these simple chat commands.

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