WoW Made Easy: A Quick Guide to Professions

World of Warcraft Made Easy


Below are the best combination’s for maximum results with professions available in World of Warcraft.  I will do a follow-up on Jewelcrafting in the near future.  So follow these guidelines and keep an eye on the auction house on your server to find out what is selling and what is not.  There is always something selling…

The Best Combos:

From levels 1 to 20, kill every humanoid you see.  Humanoids drop cloth and you’ll need all you can get.  At level 20, go learn both Tailoring and Enchanting and do the default skills until you get to a skill of 30 on your Tailoring.  Then make Brown Linen Robes and disenchant them with your Enchanting profession.  Do this until your Brown Linen Robe option becomes yellow, then take the next Green Item that is still orange and do the same.

You are best to enchant your own stuff and sell any extra to a vendor until you reach a skill level higher than 125.  Anything lower than that has a less than great chance of selling.  Use only red enchants during this process.  If you loot a green item and you don’t think it is good enough to be sold, then simply disenchant it, and sell the remain carcass of an item to the nearest vendor.  Once you get to a skill level of 225 in enchanting, it will become pretty expensive to fund your leveling cost, so make sure you are supplementing this by selling as many enchanted items as you can.  Remember, the Auction House is your friend!

Kill stuff.  Skin their bodies and make stuff for profit!  Anything you make that is lower than a level 25 item you are better off selling to a vendor.  You will need a skinning dagger, available at the nearest Trade Merchant, and it is a good idea to visit the auction house and see if you can find a skinning enchant and a beast slaying enchant.  Keep an eye on the auction house and see what is selling and what is not.  Some leather cloaks are used for quests and can be made and sold for a rediculous amount of money.

Really, there’s not much to this one.  Simply find a good area to mine, and keep everything you find.  The chances are good that eventually you will need something you’ve thrown away.  Smelt it and create armor.  I can give you this peice of advice.  Find an area where there are a lot of mining deposits in a row.  Start at one end and work your way around.  By the time you get back to the first one it should be reset.  Mining instances and then coming back out to reset them is also a great way to earn.  Take your newly made armor and sell it.

There’s not much difference between this and the blacksmithing, except that most of then things you make and sell will only be usable by fellow Engineers.  That means a lower chance of making money from this.  Just remember that getting anywhere with this one is going to be hard, time consuming, frustrating, and possibly quite expensive.  But, if you manage to max out your skill and start selling your contraptions you will make money.  It’s up to you whether you want to gamble.

Run around the land gathering herbs and turn them into valuable potions and elixers.  Some say this is a low-rent skill, until they are in battle and need an elixer they don’t have.  There are potions that restore your life and mana completely, elixers that turn you into a giant, or invisible, or just about anything you can imagine.  Personally, this is one of my favorites.  So if you have the time to kill up these professions, you can sell some elixers for 100g at the Auction House if there is a huge battle coming up.  Level 70’s are always looking for the easiest way to gain maximum power on the battlefield.  Help them out… and turn their need into your cash.

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