WoW: Grinding vs. Questing part 2


Where to go and what to do

In my last article I discussed the differences between Questing and Grinding to get to level 70. Both have been claimed as the fastest way to level your character. Each one has as many followers as the other. I pride myself on being unbiased. I have used both methods to get to the top many times, and have found both fault and glory on each path. In this segment, I will guide you through grinding a Human Alliance character to level 70.

I am using Human Alliance for the first guide because it is the most commonly picked character, and because a vast amount of my online time has been spent leveling human toons to defend the Alliance. With this guide you could easily get your character to 70 within a few days. I only recommend playing Warcraft more than a couple hours per day if you are single and have no children.   So without further ado, let the grinding begin.

Levels 1-12:
ZONE: Your Starting Zone
You basically run around the area and kill whatever is available. Chances are good that you will have to leave the area at level 11, however.

Levels 11-20:
ZONES: Westfall

This is the best place to grind, and the creatures of the land have very decent drops. Often you will come across other people roaming the hills of Westfall looking to grind their toons. If you have the opportunity to put together a group for instancing, you should check out the Deadmines for great drops and XP.

Levels 20-30:
ZONES: Redridge Mountains and Lakeshire, Wetlands, and the Stockades.

The Redridge Mountains are surrounded by sweet kills. There are quite a few humanoids around Lakeshire in Redridge. Humanoids are the only creatures that drop money, so there is vast amounts to be made here, along with great experience. The Wetlands are very nice for grinding. Many beasts and elementals will give you hours of killing pleasure. In Stormwind City, there is an instance called the Stockades. If you can get the man-power together to tackle it, it is a treasure-trove for the grinder.

Levels 30-40:
ZONE: Stranglethorn Vale, Hillsbrad, and the Gnomeregan Instance.

Stranglethorn Vale is a beautiful grinding area. It is an enormous jungle zone full of creatures to pulverize. Watch out for gankers and competition on PvP servers. Hillsbrad is also another great grinding area for levels 30-40. Some awesome leveling here, but again, watch out for Horde. If you can get a group, be sure to check out the Gnomeregan Instance west of Iron Forge. Probably the best instance for this leveling stage.

Levels 40-45:
ZONE: Badlands, Scarlet Monastery Instance.

The badlands are dangerous, but a great place to grind. It’s a good idea on PvP servers to try grinding with at least one other person in this area. If there are more than a couple of you then you should cruise over and do the Scarlet Monastery Instance.

Levels 45-50:
ZONE: The Hinterlands, Azshara.
Located South-east of the Western Plaguelands, the Hinterlands is a good place to grind and gather loot and experience. From Forest Song in Ashenvale, follow the road east into Azshara. This is a good place to grind your 45-50 toon at a decent pace.


Levels 50-55:
ZONES: Searing Gorge, Western Plaguelands and Sorrow Hill, the Burning Steppes.
The Searing Gorge is a great place to grind privately. There are lots of places to sneak away from all the other players and slaughter monsters for a while. The Western Plaguelands and Sorrow Hill are great places to grind as well, and the Burning Steppes is a Hellish sort of place, but the grinding there is perfect for 50-55.

Levels 55-60:
ZONES: Western Plaguelands, Eastern Plaguelands, Blackrock Depths/Scholomance Instance.
Sufficed to say, these are the best places to grind to reach level 60 in WoW classic. The Western Plaguelands and Eastern Plaguelands are a good place to complete your leveling, but if you can round up some other players, you should definitely hit up the Scholomance Instance in Blackrock Depths.

Levels 60-70: (Burning Crusade only)
ZONES: Outlands.

Included in the Burning Crusade expansion, the Outlands are pretty much the only place to reach level 70 at any decent pace. With plenty of monster and mobs, this area seems to go on forever and is rich in high-loot drops and experience.

With minimal time and effort, you can use this guide to reach level 70 in just over a week, with pretty much no experience. Just remember that when leveling try not to kill creatures more than a couple of levels higher than you, otherwise your skills and level will be completely out of proportion. Take your time and try not to get stressed out. Don’t spend the gold you earn on useless things, and try to update your gear every few levels, and you will level at a very good speed. Have fun and happy grinding!

Don is an avid gamer, writer, screen writer,part time game maker, film director, and horror film fanatic. You can check out his book "How to Survive Zombies and Other Disasters" on Amazon.