Wonderful, just wonderful

Ok, so maybe my three time a week post idea is harder than imagined. Oh well, not much to say to that.

After reading through the last of the E3 news and announcements, I came across somthing about some game for the 360 called Lips. It is already being dubbed Microsoft’s answer to Singstar.

It’s official: Microsoft is in a huge pissing contest with Sony, and now it’s about games no one really cares about. All matters aside, the sales for Singstar continue to impress in Europe, which is where Microsoft is planning of shoving the game down people’s throats. As a collective franchise though, it’s rather odd that they decided to bring this along. It’s only a matter of time before Microsoft realises that the Playstation 3 has a lot of S***ty games for it and joins suit by ruining anything and everything so they can just “Do it better”. I expect with Sony to make a pile of slime, Microsoft will take a dump in a bag, light it, then drop it on a gamer’s doorstep just to show Sony their games are better.

I watched previews for The Godfather 2, and have to say they seem somewhat interesting. Can it top GTA IV? Well having not played GTA IV yet, I can still say, prolly not. I would like to look at the Godfather games as the “Rainbow Six” of the genre, as they seem to get more tactical and strategy like than the way GTA does things. It’s a good thing because they are trying to keep us from thinking of this all from being a GTA rip-off, which as of now it probably already is being called.

I will be at PAX this year. Though bustling around as I don’t know who all will be there. Look for the guy with the spikey hair and the mouthfull of f**k-you can’t miss him. If you are still deciding on going, I reccomend it. If you can afford a plane ticket or gas and make it, it is almost like E3 is…almost.

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