WolfKing Trooper MVP Gaming Mouse Review


Wolves with Frickin' Lasers

Every day, the makers of gaming gear churn out the new and improved.  The latest 100,000Mhz Ultrapolling keyboard.  The highest resolution 14 Million dpi mouse that vibrates as you rub it counter-clockwise.  Headsets that allow you to experience 7.1 digital surround sound whilst chatting with the built-in telepathic sensor.  Chairs with mini subwoofers built in so you “feel” the game.  And I thought things that vibrate were only meant for the wives of Erectile Dysfunction spokesmen.

There are gadgets hitting the streets today that we never could have comprehended back when we were rubbing our joysticks to Pong on Atari.  This new gear is so coveted; so must-have, that it’s more sought after than a government-issued Polybius console.  My problem with most of it?  Outside of a game, I can’t do Jack (insert four letter word of choice) with it.  One million DPI is great, but have you ever tried to edit a photo using a mouse that touchy?  Yeah, good F’ing luck pal.  We spend $50 for a mouse, $70 for a keyboard, and God only knows how much for the other random gaming gear for our computers… only to realize that they serve no decent purpose in the real world.  Have you ever tried to type a 4-page review on a Razer Lycosa (read our review here)?  I get migranes now.

But wouldn’t you know it?  Wolf King has the kind of gear that I’ve been waiting for the last couple of years.  1-click DPI switch.  1-click rapid fire adjustment.  And guess what?  I found use for it outside of Duke Nukem 3D.  Whoa, where that come from?  Jesus, I feel old.  While I go apply some Just For Men, check out the stats on this diabolically versatile input device:

Features and Specifications

Ball mice, optical mice, all make way for the king baby! The Wolf King Trooper Laser Gaming Mouse that is! The Trooper features a 2200DPI Ultra High Resolution Laser Engine that allows for lightning fast response to the slightest movement.

At the click of a button, the Trooper provides driverless on the fly sensitivity adjustment selectable between 2200, 1600, and 800DPI so you can navigate your GUI and snipe just as easily as you can fly around a level with inconceivable speed.

One of the coolest features of the Trooper is the ability to select your rate of fire at the touch of a button. Single, double, triple, and even four round burst per mouse click are available to you, all hardwired into the Trooper with no drivers necessary!

All these features combined provide the mirror-smooth tracking and deadly precision that is oh so necessary in a gaming mouse! The Trooper Gaming Mouse will make you see why we say Hail to the Wolf King baby!


  • 2200DPI Ultra High Resolution Laser Engine delivers lightning fast response and mirror-smooth tracking
  • On the fly speed and fire rate adjustment at the click of a button
  • High speed USB2.0 connectivity
  • Sleek ergonomic design for comfort and good looks
  • Track wheel LED color indicates fire status
  • LED DPI speed indicator
  • Selectable 2200/1600/800DPI resolution
  • Fire button selects 1 to 4 shots per button click