Windows Trivia You Never Knew


Know your OS

Windows Vista has had an interesting reception by the technology community, to say the least.  People either like it or they hate it, or they think it is O.K.  The road to Vista was several years in the making, and there are lots of interesting stories and tidbits about the OS that most people don’t know.  We have a collection of very interesting tidbits about Vista (some of which we discovered ourselves) that most people probably don’t know.

You can have all the ladies crowd around you at the next geek party by sharing your infinite knowledge of Windows Vista Trivia.  Trust me.  If it doesn’t work, then dinner is on me…

On to the trivia!

Microsoft hired legendary guitarist, Robert Fripp to come up with the sounds for Windows Vista.  The new Windows Vista startup sound was intentionally made to sound like the pronunciation of “Win-dows Vis-ta”.  The last time Microsoft used a famous musician for their system sounds was Brian Eno, who made the default Windows 95 sounds.

Both NetMeeting and Outlook Express died in Vista (replaced with Windows Meeting Space and Windows Mail)

ShadowCopy is practically useless

SuperFetch is practically useless

Speech recognition works in English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese and Japanese.

You can shrink and expand disk volumes on the fly in Vista.

Vista does not have any EISA bus, APM, IP over Firewire, or Game Port support

Media Center can make itself more stable by rebooting once a day.

Bill Gates has an IQ of 160 and scored 1590 on his SAT test.

If you press and hold key and then scroll with your mouse backward/forward on desktop, then the desktop icon size will increase/decrease.

There is a hidden boot screen in Windows Vista.

The voice of the new text-to-speech voice in Vista is called “Anna”.

Microsoft added a feature that allows you to spawn a Blue Screen of Death at any time

Vista was codenamed “Longhorn”.  Longhorn was named Windows Vista in July 2005

Every version of Vista except Home Basic includes Tablet PC support.

There are 5 versions of Windows Vista (Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate)

XP was considered a highly successful launch with 10 million copies in October 2001.  Vista sold 20 million copies within its first month, and is considered by critics to be a flop. As of April 2008, Vista has sold more than 140 million copies.

The release date for Windows Vista was January 30, 2007. Vista was originally slated to ship in 2003 as a step between Windows XP and Blackcomb.

The Windows Presentation Foundation was codenamed Avalon

XAML means Extensible Application Markup Language

The IDC estimated that 50,000 jobs were created in Europe thanks to Windows Vista

Aero stands for “Authentic, Energetic, Reflective, and Open”

The maximum score any PC can get on the Windows Experience Index score is 5.9

Windows Defender was originally called GIANT AntiSpyware

You can make any key a dead key (and create any custom keyboard layout) with Microsoft’s Keyboard Layout Creator.

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