Windows 7 Programs not launching


So, I finally installed Windows 7 (after yet another hard drive crash… more on that later) and it looks pretty good.

One problem that I ran into was that certain programs would not launch at all.  After Firefox 3.51 ran once it would not run again.  The task appears in Task Manager, but cannot be brought up.  Same thing with Internet Explorer, and several other programs.

The culprit is HSMGR.EXE.  After I killed this process tree (and one for HSMGR64 since I’m on a 64-bit OS) then all the programs ran fine.

Make sure you run MSCONFIG.exe and uncheck all instances of HsMgr from the Startup tab to prevent this from happening again.

Now onto more testing with Windows 7!  The major issues I’m running into are the lack of drivers… and sometimes the Vista drivers don’t work.

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