Wil Wheaton Awesome Hour @ PAX Prime 2010


Wil Wheaton once again talks with the folks at the Seattle PAX. Wil talks about gaming, how much he sucks at Scrabble, and not being a dick. There’s a great Q&A where Evil Wil Wheaton explains why he broke up Leonard and Penny.

Click on the video for the Wil Wheaton Awesome Hour in its entirety.

The article that Wil reads is called “Triple Word Score: Gaming Philosophy and Scrabular Impotence and is available here. Here’s a small excerpt:

My wife Anne is one of those Scrabble players who regularly scores between 350 and 400 in a two player game. I am one of those Scrabble players who is lucky to break 150 without opening the dictionary to find out if the collection of mysterious glyphs laid out before him can somehow be assembled into a legal word that is more complicated than one you would find in a Dick and Jane book.

I do not provide even a nominal challenge, and where the average player would experience something akin to fun while playing a game, I experience only frustration. Yet she insists that we play together. “Making words is fun,” she says, oblivious to my failure to use all my letters even once in the decade we’ve been playing. But since she puts up with me describing everything in the world in RPG terms (“Some idiot cast Freezing Cloud out there! I thought I’d have picked up some Resist Cold with all my trips to Seattle, but I just took 1d8 going fifteen feet to the garage and back, and I keep failing my saves even though I’m back in the house.”) the very least I can do is provide some companionship while she makes the Scrabble board (and me) her bitch.


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