Wii Shopping Guide 2006


Not sure what to get that Nintendo geek on your list this year? Chances are they’ve got the brand spanking new Wii console, and are eagerly eyeing the new accessories that are hitting the market. Here’s a list of a few items that are sure to make great last minute gifts for the holidays.

SD Cards– The Wii delivers a huge win with its data storage capabilities by using the SD. These little babies are used in most digital cameras and MP3 players on the market today, so they’re sure to be in stock wherever you go. SD cards come in a plethora of sizes and prices. My advice would be to shop around and go cheap, but stick with a brand that’s well known or recommended by staff members.

Carrying Cases– Wii is the perfect size for going other places. In order to do this, you gotta have something to carry it in. When choosing a carrying case, think light, organized, and stylish. My favorite and the one I use is made by a company called ALS Industries and can be found at any Target or Wal-Mart. It’s small and looks great, but lacks any real spot for game storage. On the flip side, a company called Naki makes an absolute monster of a case that holds just about anything Wii related all in one package.

Extra Controllers– Extra Wiimotes and Nunchucks are required if Wii is to be played with friends (which is the whole point isn’t it?). The Virtual Console controller is a must for playing any of the downloaded games. The GameCube controller is required for playing any old ‘Cube games on Wii. If getting a GameCube controller, go with the Wavebird. Its wireless capabilities keeps your Wii cord free and looking svelte.

Skins– That stark white Wii is begging to be customized. Decalgirl.com makes over 100 different skins to customize your Wii and controllers. These skins come in designs that are sure to match anybody’s personality and sport a no residue application/removal process. They’re made of all vinyl and are super glossy. Mmmm… slick.

Wii/Nintendo Swag– They’ve got the system, now they’ve got to tell the world. What better way than a shirt or other apparel proclaiming their love of all things Nintendo? Stores like Hot Topic or Target usually have a fairly good selection of hilarious and iconic Nintendo clothing.

Gift Cards– If all else fails, get them a gift card. Stores like Target have an exclusive Wii gift card that not only makes a great collectors item, but will save you the trouble of trying to figure out what the hell to get them.

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