Why Use an App to Read Books?

Book lovers have been weighing the options for a few years on whether to stick with printed books or invest in e-reading devices and applications. There was some resistance to the digital age of books at first, but as time goes on the benefits of e-books have swayed public opinion and a love of the e-book has grown. One of the best sources of e-books is Barnes and Noble. The company offers two means for getting your reading fix-through an e-reading device, or by downloading the Nook app to read books to a device you already have. Whether you are a student, a kid looking for entertainment, or a professed bibliophile, using an app to read books is a convenient, economical, mobile way to store and read your own personal library.

Economically Smart
E-books make good economic sense, and a Nook app for reading books is even more economically sound. Whether you choose to purchase a Nook e-reader or tablet, or use the Nook book reading app on a device you already own, you have access to one million books through Barnes and Noble’s extensive library. In addition to that resource, there are many sites with epub, DRM compatible files that will work with the Nook devices and applications software, explains eBookFriendly.com. If you only download one hundred of these free books, considering the standard paperback costs around $5, you will save $500. If you choose to download the free Nook book reading app to a device that you already have, like your iPhone or Android tablet, then you save another couple hundred dollars by not paying for another device.

Mobility and Convenience
AppAdvice explains that while book lovers will always enjoy holding a paperback novel, the scent of a printed page, and the familiar feel of turning pages, and that e-books can never replace all of those experiences, an e-reading app is an excellent supplement to your traditional book collection. The site goes on to say that e-books are much more convenient than standard books. If you download the Nook reading app to your iPhone, iPad, or Android device, you can carry hundreds of books in your pocket, purse, or backpack – something you couldn’t do with a hundred or more printed books. This can be a particularly nice perk for students as they can download digital textbooks instead of carrying fifty or more pounds of hardcover texts, thus saving their backs from being strained.

Enhanced Reading Experience
The Nook line of e-reader software and devices offers readers the ability to customize the view of their reading materials to make it easier to read. Now, readers do not have to worry about low light, too much glare, or low contrast texts. When using an e-reader or e-reader app you can change the background color, text color, print size, and backlight to make the text easy to read in any situation from the outdoor to an unlit room. In addition, you can organize your library, view book covers for easy searching, and use the touch screen technology of your device of choice to quickly link from your books Table of Contents or Index to the part of the text you want to read. Another nice feature is that the Nook book reading app has built-in references, like a dictionary, thesaurus, and translation finder: along with note taking and highlighting capabilities, notes TheAndroidAppsShow.  Readers also like the page curl feature that makes reading an e-book more like a traditional book and the bookmark feature that helps you easily mark your place when you close your book. All of these features are unique to digital book reading and can help enhance the reading experience.

In spite of initial resistance to the switch to digital books; the public has noticed that e-books are a great tool for any reader. When using an e-reader device or an app to read books, like those provided through the Barnes and Noble Nook line, you can store, categorize, and read hundreds of books in a convenient, mobile platform. Using an e-reader app even saves you money because you don’t have to buy a new device, the app itself is free, and there are millions of free books to choose from. You also don’t have to buy more books shelves to house an expanding collection. E-rendering technology incorporates features for referencing, reading accessibility, and text interaction that are not possible when publishing a standard print volume of a book. The many benefits of applications for reading books have made the technology immensely popular and show that digital books, while they may not replace printed books, can be an excellent addition to your book reading resources. You can experience the convenience, money saving, and enhanced reading of using e-books, by downloading an e-reader app to practically any mobile device you own – and if you already own a Nook device, downloading the app to your phone gives you a second way to access your library when you do not have your reader on hand.

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