Why I Dropped DirecTV

Dopped Directv Poster

What happened to DirecTV?

I have been a DirecTV customer since 1997, shortly after they rolled out the service, and have remained loyal and dealt with many of their growing pains.  I recently decided to drop DirecTV after 15 years for several reasons.

When DirecTV was new, they would bend over backwards to help their customers, and always spearheaded the rights of the consumer above anything else.  They were able to get laws passed that made it illegal to deny any consumer the right to put up a satellite dish on their house or apartment building.

They also lobbied for the right of consumers to receive programming from networks, and I was involved in several letter-writing campaigns begging for the right to watch national network feeds rather than local channels that DirecTV couldn’t carry at the time.  It was a fight that the new provider couldn’t win, and in response spent millions of dollars to launch new satellites to carry local feeds in every major U.S. city so that customers had a real choice in their programming.

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  1. Cory

    November 19, 2012 at 8:32 pm

    Read what you said and a lot has to do with installer service like I said.

    The H-24 (HD DVR or Genie) was basically already replaced before they started releasing them mainstream, and the H-25 (SWiM only non DVR) is kind of pointless for the price. I agree there, but technology is outdoes itself so quickly it's kind of normal now. Before I left they were about to release a TiVo branded DVR designated H-30 I believe.

    As for signal, that is completely up to your original installer. Every fresh install is supposed to be guaranteed 5-10 years no interference by trees or they have to put the dish in a different spot. Period. DirecTV is also supposed to QA this behind the installer. They recently (as of last year) changed so all HD dishes are the same size and use the same mounts with longer bolts. Technically, the way they are supposed to be installed means the dish can't move and it's supposed to be dithered over 97% on the 119 (HD) so weather is not a problem with signal. Not only that, but the new system is a single cable system so only one hole drilled in your wall and 1 cable per box. Older boxes are backwards compatible with this system so you don't need to upgrade unless you have something older than a D-12.

    As far as on demand, not sure what is wrong there. I installed in rural areas with less than 10Mb connections and I could start an HD on-demand video download and come back 10 minutes later and start watching it without interruption. I guess when I installed on-demand service wasn't bogging their servers down or your hardware had some problems. It's better than them trying to download a few gig worth of 1080p movies through their sat connection. Downloading firmware for those boxes take forever.

    I agree with you for the most part and their CS can be crap to work with even for installers. Cable is a much better alternative if you live in the city as usually it's cheaper. As of January when I left DirecTV 1080p quality was unmatched on numerous devices I looked at. When I was training I went all over the DFW area so I got to see many different companies. It seems the only people who never switched were FiOS customers.

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