Why Far Cry 3 Is Not Game of the Year

Far Cry 3 Poster

Addressing the issues

There have been a lot of great games that came out for Christmas of 2012, and Far Cry 3 is pretty much sweeping everyone’s “Game of the Year” awards.  While the game is really solid in many areas, there are some  glaring issues that reviewers should consider before handing out their coveted award badges.

DRM and Achivements

This doesn’t affect Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 users, but the PC version is plagued with Digital Rights Management issues.  Many PC players purchase their games through Steam, which is probably the least-intrusive method of DRM that still works.  When you launch Far Cry 3 via Steam, you are forced to use Ubisoft’s “Uplay” system to launch the game.  Unfortunatley, some PC players have run into issues with the service being down.

This PC game does not have the “Games for Windows” certification, and therefore does not tie into a gamer’s Xbox 360 account.  You can spend many hours getting achievements in Far Cry 3 (some of which aren’t that easy to attain), but you get no credit for it when bragging to your online friends.


The achievements you do get are tied to your “Uplay” account, and do not show up in Steam, which is a second-best popular achievement system.