Why Does Vista Get a Bad Rep?

I just had a conversation with an IT guy on this exact topic.

I’m not sure if the problem is Vista or that the industry is catching up. There is so much new technology in Vista that new drivers must be written for them (which is why we’re only seeing proper drivers a year later). Also, video cards that were fine a year ago barely drive Aero’s desktop (those shared-memory video cards are hit worst).

The usability dynamic is a little different, and I’m still getting used to it. The one “killer” feature that MS hyped as the “wow” factor was Flip3d. That’s it? MS could have done sooooo much more with the new 3d-accelerated interface, like pretty much everything that OSX does. There were some desktop enhancements for XP that mimicked OSX, but they were slow because of XP’s GDI. Now that we have the technology to have totally smooth animations, why isn’t it being used?

Another thing was that software that worked just fine now were broken (because of Vista’s new technology).  I had to upgrade (and pay for) new versions of Nero, PerfectDisk, PowerDVD, and other software just to use them again on Vista.  There was also some software that “kinda” worked but broke in Vista (like DVDshrink, WME assistant, etc.): they work, but they’ll crash unexpectedly  or some feature won’t work.

That’s my take on it. Industry took too long to catch up and the features not being utilized to its fullest potential. People will catch on to Vista: I love it, but it took a while to love it.

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