Where did Vista’s Task Manager Go?


He Tasks Me and I Shall Have Him!

Some of us are old enough to remember when the old three-finger salute was used to reboot out computers: a specific key combination recognized at the hardware level of every PC to reboot. Microsoft thought it would be a swell idea to grab that key combination for the purposes of logging on to their new-fangled Windows NT 3.51.

This key combination has worked differently in Windows NT compared to the Windows 9x world… in NT (or Windows 2000) you were prompted to lock your computer, and in 9x it brought up the Task Manager. In Windows XP this functionality changed depending on how you were connected to a network: on a domain = lock computer; on a workgroup (or no network) = Task Manager. In Windows Vista you no longer have a choice… CTRL+ALT+DEL brings up a full-screen window asking you what you want to do. So how to you make a bee-line to the task manager without going through extra screens?

Here is how to find your friendly task manager in vista with one shortcut.

You can right click on your taskbar and select the Task Manager:

Or use the spanky-new key combination for the Task Manager:

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