What's Your Home Theatre?

(Yes, I used the British spelling, stuff it!)

Okay, so I was curious, what are all of your home theatre setups?
My current one is a Media Center PC running Vista Ultimate (specs upon request) hooked up to a 30″ Samsung SlimFit with an older Aiwa 5.1 audio system set up to “Dumb” mode with all audio processing handled by the HTPC.  I’m going to be replacing the Aiwa system soon with a set of Definitive 600 series speakers and an inexpensive Denon receiver.  Currently cabled using Acoustic Research premium line, although that will change when I upgrade the audio system.
I’ve also recently set up two for my parents within the last year.  The first has a 42″ Visio 720p Plasma, Pioneer receiver, Definitive Technology BP7006 SuperTower front speakers with built-in powered subwoofers, Definitve Technology 1000 series center and rear speakers, a Roku SoundBridge, Pioneer upconversion DVD recorder/VHS combo, and a SA 8300 HD cable box.  Oh, and a Logitech Harmony 980 remote.  Cabled using Monster M series.
The second has a 37″ Sharp Aquos, Denon receiver, Vienna Acoustics Motzart Grand, Maestro Grand and Waltz Grand speakers, with a Martin-Logan Abyss subwoofer.  SA 8300 HD cable box, Denon Upconvert DVD player, with a HTPC coming, a rather expensive turntable (I know zilch about turntables), and another Logitech Harmonly 980 remote control.  Cabled using Monster M series.