What the hell is wrong with girl gaming?


The girl gaming movement

Girl Gaming is a joke.

Many right now are thinking I’m performing career suicide by saying those words, but I’m merely exercising my first amendment. After watching the whole lackluster panel at PAX I think I am within my bounds to say it.

Here, I’ll say it again: Girl Gaming is a joke.

I’m not against girls in video games. I actually have sat and encouraged it. Every girl I ever date I am trying to make into a gamer, and I know, just like these girls that are spreading the movement that if you just give them a chance, video games are a great recreation. Having the opposite sex involved in a Halo tournament is wonderful…especially if they kick my ass. But let’s get something straight, I get my ass kicked by women just as I do by men. There is no difference.

Video games are wonderful forms of recreation because there is no defining line between sexes. It’s something everyone can pick up and enjoy no matter how old you are, or if you are male or female.

See, that’s what this movement originally was supposed to be entailing. Guys make fun of girl gamers, so girls beat the sh*t out of them to shut them up. Great idea!

Now we have clans that are dominant with femininity and testosterone is next to zero within. We have girls roaring saying that games aren’t just for men anymore and beat our asses in Halo to prove a point. Somewhere along the way, publications have sat and done stories on the clans containing all the hotties that could gun down your ass and smile for the camera.
Who cares? Who reads this crap?

That’s the point right there. When it once was to be recognized as gamers on equality with men, the whole idea has become nothing more than a group of supermodel rejects. Once I see a hideous fat girl on one of these panels, then I may be a lot more open to this “movement” but as it stands, it’s pointless. I hear them consistently bitching about men not letting them into “our circle” and then they make clans devoid of us, and women not as attractive as them, but much more skilled.

So to stop the sexism you’re just going to keep the sexism going…that makes perfect sense.

Hey, I’m all for an all girls Halo clan. Those are a great idea, and they have some amazing players within. What flips my lid is how all these representatives, all these team photos, and just about everything I see in this is with girls that are somewhere between a 6 and a 10.