What is the real version number of Windows 8?

real version of windows 8 poster

Simpler Times...

Today Microsoft launched its latest version of its iconic Operating System: Windows 8.  There have been many version of Windows over the years, and one can’t help but wonder what justifies this version number.  Microsoft and other technology companies have over-written and re-named their product history before, so we take a good hard look at all the previous operating systems to see if the numbers add up.

Microsoft Windows started as version 1.0 as an add-on to the DOS operating system.  The product was a simple GUI program that was little more than a visual file manager.  Windows 2.0 was released to take advantage of the features offered by Intel’s 286 processor.  Windows 3 is the version that really started Microsoft on its current path of success.


All of these versions numbers are very logical and can be easily counted.  Where things start to get a little ambiguous is when Windows NT is thrown into the mix.

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