Webtrends Posts Highest Bookings Numbers in Company History for FY11


PORTLAND, OR–(Marketwire – Jul 14, 2011) – Webtrends, the leader in unified mobile, social and Web analytics and engagement, today announced it has achieved a record bookings year for FY11, with the fourth quarter showing the highest year over year growth for any quarter in the company’s history.

Webtrends total bookings for FY11 increased 14 percent over FY10. Total bookings for 4Q11 grew 27 percent year over year. Additionally, overall, Webtrends enjoyed its highest net new bookings in the last four years.

Webtrends saw particularly strong performance in its “growth” products and solutions, which include Ads, Apps, Optimize and others. Bookings for this product category grew 22 percent in FY11. These products and solutions performed exceptionally well in 4Q11, posting an impressive 41 percent gain over the prior year.

The company also enjoyed strong international growth, with international bookings increasing by 30 percent overall in FY11, a result of strategic global expansion including the opening of a new Tokyo office and uplifts for the London and Melbourne offices. The EMEA region, in particular, posted strong performance with a 31 percent increase in bookings year over year.

This unprecedented company-wide growth is a testament to Webtrends’ innovation, leadership and expertise in emerging mobile, social and unified analytics products and solutions.

Webtrends leveraged its expertise by pairing unique and integrated professional services to complement the company’s industry-leading products, resulting in bookings growth of 35 percent in FY11 by the professional services team. Another example of expertise spurring growth, Webtrends’ Digital Marketing Optimization services increased by 88 percent in FY11, and all Optimize products and services saw an incredible growth of 177 percent.

On the product side, Webtrends’ focus on unified digital analytics solutions, to include emerging channels such as social and mobile, also resulted in significant overall growth. The company’s Social Measurement product suite saw a sales increase of 106 percent. Webtrends also launched Analytics 10 in April of 2011, providing marketers with the ultimate unified digital analytics solution for cross-channel visibility, measurement and campaign management.

In the last quarter, Webtrends secured key customer wins with companies from a variety of industries including Zynga, AOL and 20th Century Fox. Other key customer wins by Webtrends in FY11 to date include: Adidas, The Bank of Tokyo, CVS Pharmacy, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, DeVry University, Home Box Office (HBO), JCPenney Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly-Clark, The McGraw-Hill Companies, Microsoft, Nordea Bank Sverige and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

“Our record growth in FY11 proves that the market is responding to our deliberate focus on developing state of the art unified digital analytics solutions, with an increasing focus on social and mobile, and matching them with industry-leading expertise and professional services,” said Alex Yoder, CEO of Webtrends. “Through strategic acquisitions and a modified vision, Webtrends continues to fulfill our potential as a unique player within our market — the only pure-play unified mobile, social and Web analytics provider that pairs powerful products with hands-on consultation and digital marketing expertise to drive breakthrough results for our customers.”

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