We got Rickrolled…

It looks like John posted a legitimate link, but that link was taken over by someone malicious. I don’t believe John knew that the link was hijacked. John was on staff several years ago, but I’d love for him to write articles for us again (nudge). 

Looks like you got ‘Rockrolled’. Here’s a definition on Rick Rolling:


My IE got hijacked when I clicked on it, too… I just had to keep pressing enter for the script to finish and then I was able to close the window.

As far as the “forum chatter” label… I was trying to come up with labels for people when they post so many messages (Forum Foreman, Elite Forum Poster, etc.). Everyone who has posted less than 100 posts had this label.  I have changed this automatic label, though. Can you think of other labels for forum posters?

Believe me, we troll the forums and edit or delete content that isn’t befitting to what I’d like to believe is a somewhat professional soapbox. I’m sorry that you lost some work, but it doesn’t appear that it was malicious on John’s part.

I think Kevin just updated a broken link.  The forum software has been doing that lately… I’m looking into it, but it appears that some links get extra information added to them, which breaks it.

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