Warhammer Online Hands-On


MMO in Warhammer World

Following the footsteps of World of Warcraft comes yet another MMORPG to grace the hard drive of your computer.  For the casual gamer in all of us comes Warhammer Online.  But is Warhammer simply a second-hand remake of Warcraft, or will it pack a mighty enough punch to make MMO history?

Blending PVP and PVE, Warhammer invites you to quest in their world and go from being a lowly peasant to a mighty knight.  Quests can stretch across zones, sometimes seeming to take forever to finally accomplish.  But unlike many other online games the quests go beyond the kill and collect then book it to your quest-giver.  Warhammer blends unique private quests with extravagant public quests.

These public quests are where PVE and PVP come together, giving faction boosts and improved looting to those who put in the most effort during the quests.  For many advanced users this is going to be a plus because when you are questing with a bunch of newbies who put in very little effort and still get massive looting, there really is no justice for those who put in time to make the quest happen.  So by improving looting for those who work for it… the only ones left behind are the ones who deserve it.

Paying attention to what has and hasn’t worked in many Online Games, the Warhammer team has put every effort into ensuring that interaction with the surrounding world pushes the boundaries without loosing that casual feel.  And in essence, there really is no such thing as a casual game anymore.  When you are roaming the lands killing dragons and ocean beasts, even at a casual pace, there is still nothing about a casual game that says “casual”.  But who cares?  We’re having fun damn it!

The powerful Lua-driven interface of WoW has led to some great user-created content that has fundamentally changed the way players raid, and the game’s textbook “Tome” offers info on quests, kills,  beasts, and anything else that the player happens upon in the game.  Chances are that in your first hour of playing your Tome will be filled with juicy tidbits that come from the items you come across just walking around the worlds you are in.  The interface and interaction are simply amazing.

So whether you are new to MMORPGs or are a medal strewn vet, Warhammer promises to be a game worth playing, and if those behind its creation have their way, they will soon have their names up their right next to Blizzard with a game that reinvents the way we play.

Don is an avid gamer, writer, screen writer,part time game maker, film director, and horror film fanatic. You can check out his book "How to Survive Zombies and Other Disasters" on Amazon.