Warhammer: Mark of Chaos

Tuesday, 06th October, Basingstoke, UK… Namco Bandai Games America Inc. and Deep Silver today unveiled a new trailer highlighting the formations and tactics of Orcs and Goblins units, a clutch of new screenshots and handpicked details of individual unit descriptions from its forthcoming real-time strategy game, Warhammer®: Mark of Chaos™.

Orc and Goblins, who can be thought of as cousins, are a tribal society usually with the strongest and largest warrior as the acting ruler (such as the Orc Warboss). The Orcs and Goblins are generally located in an isolated area known as the Badlands. The Badlands lies to the south of the area occupied by the Empire, surrounded by mountain ranges. It is here the various tribes of greenskins live. Often an Orc army is composed of units of various tribes, which is why there is different armor and warpaint worn throughout the army. They are violent and psychotic, absolute miscreants in the truest sense of the word and that’s only their good traits. They live to fight anything and anyone that may stand in their way. Orcs settling differences are often solved with “civilized” head butting contests or seeing who can throw a Goblin the farthest. The devastation the Orcs and Goblins leave in their wake is truly disturbing. Anything edible is consumed after being thrown into huge roasting pits, such as livestock and defeated enemies. Items that cannot be salvaged for weapons is burned or thrown into a large pile. Old campsites are marked with huge piles of dung sculpted into a shape of their god.

Orcs are larger massive mounds of muscle, covered by green skin, with a teeny tiny brain somewhere behind the fangs and thick noggin. They feel little pain, couple that with their utter lack of fear and you’ll see that an Orc is not afraid to charge into battle against overwhelming odds.

Goblins are the smaller, often mistreated by Orcs, of the green skins. No love is lost here though, as they are just as crazed and ill mannered as their cousins. They do come in many shapes and sizes, though generally with beady eyes and sharp pointy teeth. Night Goblins are also another type of goblins that have adapted to underground living. They are easily identified by their black enveloping clothing, used for protection against the sunlight. Goblins are very quarrelsome in nature and in fighting happens even on the battlefield. While they are not known for fighting prowess, they do travel in great numbers and are pretty decent shots with spears.

Orc and Goblins lack any substantial amount of intelligence, but their mind is able to loosely grasp a form of magic, as primitive as that magic may be. The magic that is handled by units such as the Goblin Shaman, is essentially different than the magic used by Elves and Humans. Tapping into the psyche that the greenskins share, they are able to cast useful spells such as Lightning Fury and Madness.

Example of units in the Orcs and Goblins:

Orc Warboss
Orc Warbosses are ferocious, determined and unimaginative leaders whose main tactical insight is that you can kill the enemy much more easily if he’s within arm’s reach. A frontal assault is a common ploy. Orc Warbosses are often adorned with trinkets and pieces of armor taken from fallen enemies. The sheer power of the Orc Warboss should never be underestimated as their position has been obtained through their brute force in battle.

Goblin Shaman
Greenskins are creatures of little brain and almost no curiosity. Their single-minded enthusiasm for violence makes it very hard for sorcery to get a grip on their consciousness. Although they do have magic, it is very different to the magic of humans and Elves. Their power comes not from the treacherous winds of magic, but from the inner psyche of the greenskin racial mind. Every Shaman can access energy through the Great Green (the greenskin spirit-realm), but localized energy makes a difference too.


These are large creatures, very strong but also rather stupid. There are many different kinds because, like greenskins, Trolls vary a great deal in appearance. However, it is fair to say that they are universally big, ugly, hungry and best avoided where possible.

All types of Trolls are rightly feared because of their unthinking ferocity and indiscriminate appetite. They will eat anything they can find including flesh and bone, wood, rocks, bits of metal and even sprouts! The digestive juices of Trolls are prized by alchemists as the most corrosive substance known to science.

The other unusual characteristics of Trolls is that if their flesh is damaged it regrows almost immediately, including claws, hands, feet, and even entire limbs. To kill a Troll it is necessary to either inflict a great deal of damage or to burn it in order to prevent it from regenerating. Fire is the second greatest ally of the Troll fighter, the Troll’s own stupidity being the first.

Orc Arrer Boyz
What Orcs have in undeniable abundance is brute strength, made all the more dangerous by generous lashings of ignorance. To make matters even worse, Orcs feel almost no pain and care little about discomfort, physical hurt or even death. They enjoy nothing more than violence and will happily face death in battle just so long as they get a chance to put up a good fight first. Perversely, this unthinking aggression can work to their disadvantage, as Orcs will plunge heedlessly into combat against a vastly superior enemy rather than retreating, as would any sensible human.

The Orc Arrer Boy carries a ‘choppa’, just like the Orc Boyz, but that is not their primary weapon. The Orc Arrer Boy prefers to use the bow, to soften up their victims before going in and chopping them to little bits. The Orc Arrer Boy isn’t known for their accuracy, but ability to withstand a lot of punishment.

Night Goblins
Night Goblins are adapted to life underground where they subsist on fungi, Cave Squigs, beetles and bits of each other. They live under the mountains throughout the Old World and Southlands in tunnels and caverns that are cool and dark. Night Goblins have a strong aversion to daylight and when forced above ground wear black or very dark enveloping robes to protect themselves from the sun’s rays.

Like all greenskins, Goblins are quarrelsome and fractious. They fight amongst themselves both on and off the battlefield. They feel little sense of loyalty to their own kinds let alone anyone else, and will cheerfully maim, kill, and even eat their comrades if they can get away with it.