War Rock (PC) Review


Yet another MMOFPS

Yup, it’s another MMOFPS. You know the drill – join a team, pick one of the usual classes and head off to kill the other team and/or capture their bases. The concept is far from new, and with proven competitors like Counter-Strike: Source, the Battlefield series and other success stories, how can you make a new entry stand out?

In some ways, War Rock does bring some new ideas to the table. Unlike other games in the genre, you don’t pay a dime for the product. It’s a free download with no monthly subscription fees. But if you want more than the sorry plain-vanilla weapons, you have to pay for them. You don’t buy them outright; you rent them for a set number of days. During those days you can’t lose the weapons, but once your time is up you have to either pony up again or go back to the lower grade stuff.

Of course, a skilled player with basic weapons will still smoke a n00b with the best arsenal money can buy. But in a sniper-duel, or during more advanced team play, the accuracy and speed of the weaponry may play a larger role. Will these micro transactions be enough to make publisher K2 rich? Probably not, but it’s an interesting experiment for sure. And you certainly can’t beat the price.