Waiting in Line For iPhone 3G


Another line craze?

“Don’t go to an Apple store,” Steve Jobs has advised. “It will be a madhouse there. People will be lined up around the block, sleeping on the sidewalk to get one. Go to an AT&T/Cingular store. Most people don’t know that they will be selling them too.”

It seems like more people like the party. While many have already camped out at the Apple stores, only a few had marked their territory at my local AT&T store (formerly Cingular, which was formerly AT&T). Only two lads had started the line, and they were there for the long haul, bringing a tent, coolers, and other camping gear to get them through the 18 additional hours they would have to wait. The iPhone officially goes on sale at 6:00pm on Friday.

Of course, I asked the traditional stupid questions like “Why do you want an iPhone?” and “How long have you been waiting in line?” They shared with me not only their personal thoughts, but the shared sentiment among their friends.

These squatters were both Mac users, and have been so for a long time. They know many people who own PCs (even Microsoft employees) who are standing in line to get the new iPhone. They also told me how every Apple employee was surprised with a brand new iPhone at the office today.

Both were cellphone users, and rely on them to keep in touch, much like everyone else these days. They both own traditional iPods, and are excited about the convergence that the new iPhone will offer, in addition to its sleekness.

The iPhone comes in two models, a 4GB and 8GB version, both which use flash memory. Most people are looking to purchase the 8GB model, which carries a $599 pricetag (in addition to the $60 per month service). Everyone I talked to is hoping for an add-on hard drive, as 8GB is not much storage these days. Adopters of the iPhone get a $50 iTunes gift certificate, so some people at least feel better that they’re getting something back.