Volcano 7+ Fan Controller Mod


I just reviewing the Thermaltake Volcano 7+ it is a great heatsink, head over and read the review. As you can see there were only a few negative aspects to the heatsink and one is the fact that the fan controller when connected stays inside of your computer. This is a problem because if you want to change the speed of the fan you have to open up your case, change it, and put the cover back on. There is a simple, quick, and cheap solution to this problem which is what this guide is about. Nothing fancy, just a simple quickie guide.

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What you will need

  • Thermaltake Volcano 7+ fan controller
  • Expansion slot cover
  • Drill
  • Dremel
  • 2 screws

The fan control device is a small little 3 way switch which has a cover which tells you what speed each position is.  The gold cover is held on by 2 screws which I unscrews, after I unscrewed them I pulled the cover off.  All you need is an expansion slot cover for your case, just pull one out or use an extra one if you have one.  Use the cover of the fan controller as a template, use a pencil and draw inside of the 2 screw holes.

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I then drilled holes where I had made the marks, after drilling the holes I cut out the center part for the switch part. I didn’t really measure, I just kind of eyeballed it and started cutting. The hole for the switch ended up being about 1cm x 2cm so if you want you can draw an outline. It’s not the prettiest job, but it’s functional, if you want you could always put a coat of paint on it.

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I tried to use the screws that were used originally but they ended up being about 1mm too short otherwise they would have worked fine. I went back to the garage and found 2 screws which were a little bigger than the holes in the fan controller and mounted the fan controller onto the expansion slot cover. You can always put a nut on the end of each screw to hold it tight if the screw alone is not doing the job. After I had the fan controller mounted onto the expansion slot cover I put the cover back onto it.

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Now all you have to do is take your new fan controller and screw it back into an empty expansion slot. Now that you have your new modded fan controller you won’t have to open up your case every time you want to change the speed of the fan. Just reach around to the back of your computer and flip the switch.

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Like I said you can put the switch anywhere that you want, I put mine in the back because I am not using this heatsink in any of my computers. Eric Wood was kind enough to send me a picture of his case after doing this MOD, he put it in the front of his case because it’s much easier to get to.

Brandon Turnbull is a technology enthusiast living in southern California. He has written numerous articles and tutorials about PC overclocking and modification.