Vizo UFO 4-port USB Hub Review


Run for the hills!

Small and compact, circular and smooth, Vizo has unleashed it’s latest USB hub and it’s freakin cool looking.

If you are like me, you probably have a gazillion things to plug into your computer. Cameras (both digital and camcorder), a PSP (Playstation portable), card reader, Nintendo DS charger (yes, they make those) and whatever other gimmicky thing that comes down the pipe that I get cause I’m addicted to gizmos. It’s a disease, I understand that, but it’s one that my wife has accepted and I have chosen not to fight. So, in order to keep everything plugged in and at the ready, I am reviewing the “UFO” Usb hub by VIZO.

The UFO actually comes in standard bubble casing and does a good job of flying in under the radar. Like a lot of USB hubs, it has a 5 Volt, 1A, AC adapter port (that isn’t included) for increased dedicated power, not that you need it, but it’s nice to see options. It does however come with the USB 2.0 cable for plugging it into your computer, Yay!

OK, enough fluff, let’s talk about why this thing is cool. First and foremost, the shape of the UFO, it’s a circular shape with a cover that spins clockwise to expose the ports (four in total), the round shape eliminates the worry of USB devices interfering with each other.

One thing of note though, I would have thought the folks at VIZO would have placed the AC in and power ports as the first two ports visible when opening the round case. That way you could open the hub up only enough to input the devices you need, and the case would cover any unused ports, thus preventing dust from entering unused ports.

As it is, you must open the hub up all the way in order to plug it into your computer, and by default al four USB ports are exposed. So if you only use two of them, then the other two would catch some dust or other debris that we all hate getting in our stuff. A pretty big design flaw if you ask me.

Fortunately, I do have enough things to plug into my UFO, so I don’t worry about the dust, but still, some folks won’t use all four ports all of the time.