VIZO SATA Master Panel Review



If you’re a gearhead like me, then you’re probably upgrading, repairing, or otherwise messing with internal hard drives all the time. It can be a pain to constantly open your case, and you don’t want an ugly open box in the middle of your room. If only there was a way to easily connect hard drives to the computer from the front panel…

VIZO Technology has invented a front panel to address this very issue! It supports every ATA technology currently available, classic parallel ATA, SATA I & II, and e-SATA. All of these connections are handled through an onboard controller chip and connects to your computer’s internal SATA port. This device should help save us some valuable connection and configuration time, so we were eager to test this panel out.

About VIZO Technology
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Our Target is to let all the customers and end users acquire that VIZO equals to innovation, high quality, fast response and good service. We aim at achieving each customer’s satisfaction with our best quality. We also hope all the customers and end users can happily enjoy VIZO products!

The Product:
I received the product and the packaging is simple and informative. All of the product specs are on the back of the box. The Master Panel can be easily seen through the window on the front of the box.

Here are the specs for the Master Panel, as stated by VIZO:

VIZO Master Panel Specifications
  • Compatible with both SATA 1.0 & eSATA 1.0
  • Max speed of 1.5Gbps of serial ATA 1, 3Gbps of SATA II
  • Compatible with both ATA/ATAPI Ultra DMS 33/66/100/133 and 150MB/s
  • Supports Master/Slave
  • Supports Hot-Plug
  • Supports Win 98/98SE/ME/2000/XP
  • Supports Mac OS 9.x/X or greater
  • Low power draw
  • Overcurrent detection and protection
Box Contents:
  • MasterPanel main module
  • SATA Cable
  • IDE & SATA power cable
  • Manual

On initially examining the packaging, I thought it was rather hokey that VIZO had edited the specs on the back of the box by covering them with black stickers, and in the case of performance edited the SATA spec by printing on the black tape. They completely covered the statement “S-ATA does not support MAC”. Apparently the packaging was originally supposed to include an IDE cable as well, and that was edited out. On opening the package, I found everything that was supposed to have been included to be present.