How to Install the PS Vita Screen Protector Without Bubbles


The Playstation Vita is one sleek and sexy gadget.  Like other shiny things, it tends to pick up fingerprints and is prone to scratches.  The entire top of the unit is not covered in glass, but a tough plastic, so it can get scratches on the screen just from a simple drop.

Fortunately, Sony makes screen protectors for your Vita.  This kit comes with two screen protectors and a plastic template that helps you install it properly.

I’ve used screen protector films before on my iPhone and Pocket PC devices before, and I can tell you that they can be maddening to get them perfectly centered and without air bubbles.  With Pocket PC protectors, you usually had to flatten the film with a credit card as you laid it down, but the Vita’s protector is sandwiched between a template and another piece of plastic.

i. Before you apply your screen protector, your Vita needs to be absolutely clean: like operating-room clean.  If you have any dust or residue on the top (even from the paper towel you used to clean it), then you will have a ruined screen protector and air bubbles.  The problem is that paper towel particles will stick to the adhesive side of the protector, and prevents the film from making full contact with the screen.

1. You can clean your Vita with window cleaner or rubbing alcohol… just make sure there is no residue.  After cleaning, you need to get rid of any leftover particles by blowing it with an air duster.  this step is very important!

2. Now you can put on the screen protector.  There is a handy template that fits over the Vita’s face buttons, which allows you to position the screen protector.  Underneath the protector is a tinted piece of plastic which protects the adhesive, and the blue color helps you align the film.

3.  With the template in place, reach under and pull the tab from the blue plastic, which will expose the adhesive on the screen protector.  Touch the protector to the right side of the screen, and then roll the film from right to left, and you should notice that the protector goes on without bubbles.

4.  Lift up on the guide template and it should leave the screen protector behind.

If you did it right then you should see no air bubbles at all.  If you screwed up then you’ll either have to live with it or pull off and try another one.  I wouldn’t recommend trying to re-use the old protector becaue once there’s dust on it then it will never be perfect.

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