Vista SP1 RTW Yesterday

So now you can go to the MSFT download site and get it.  So far so good on all of my systems.

One thing of note: it clears all of your usage caches, so you will restart TurboFetch and everything else from SCRATCH.  That means that day one it will be slower than a Yugo.
Some other important notes: make sure you have a UPS set up to your system before installing it.  Unlike an NT5 service pack, if your system looses power in the middle of an update your OS does blow up, much like an NT4 sevice pack.  The install can take quite a while, so be patient and set aside about 90 minutes on a reasonably fast machine.  Also, back up your data first.  Please?  It’s just not worth it.  Ideally you should make a system image, but I know most people won’t or can’t do that.
Also, the 64 bit update takes longer than the 32 bit update.  It’s annoying, but that’s how it is.  It appears to take about 50% longer on comparable hardware.  My 32 but C2D E6300 with 2 GB of RAM and two 74 GB Raptors was started 10 minutes after and ended 10 minutes before my 64 bit C2Q E6700 with 8 GB of RAM and two 150 GB Raptors, to give you an example.