Vista Solitaire Cheat (with Screencast)



Ah, Solitaire. It has cost employers millions of dollars in wasted productivity, as it has come with every version of Windows since 3.0 (and possibly even before that). Many hardcore solitaire players know that there are many versions of solitaire; the one packaged with Windows being the classic Klondike variety. Klondike is different from other versions of solitaire in that it requires quite a bit of luck in addition to skill to win the game.

Not only has Vista given the GUI a facelift, but Solitaire has a new coat of paint, too, and it certainly is pretty. Let’s face it: if you’re bored at the office at 2:00 on a Friday afternoon… what else are you going to do but play solitaire? It beckons. And you must answer. And you must cheat.

By default, you get three cards…

Solitaire One Card Cheat:
Hold CTRL+ALT+Shift while you click the deck. You will flip over one card instead of the normal three. If you don’t know how powerful that is, then the game you’re looking for is Minesweeper.

Now you can draw one at a time!

I know you are dying to see it in action. You don’t have to wait until you get in the office… Fire it up now!

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