Virtual Wee Wee

Oh man, you guys have no idea how much I’d love to take a virtual wee wee right now… 

School starts tomorrow and I’m taking the lamest classes of all time. Dosage Calculations and Intro to Pharmacology. Maybe interesting, but I’m just not nerdy enough to get psyched yet.

And NO DANIEL I don’t like that sad cat picture… it is not happy.

Hrm, I don’t think that console gaming will end for a long time. And I think you’ve got the correct point: who the hell is going to standardize PCs? People love to mod their PCs and switch out old parts for bigger, better, newer ones. Plus, almost everyone knows some of the most powerful games have come out for the PC, but there are many games that are just not as fun. Unless my PC gets a sensor bar soon, I’m not giving up my Wii.

I was really impressed with the GTA IV video that I watched at Gamestop, but the only issue is that the game has been pushed back a million years. How can you get people excited about a game if it only gets pushed farther and farther back? Same with Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. I was super excited, but now that it isn’t coming out for 9 months after the original promised date.. not so excited.

GOT MY CAR BACK LAST NIGHT! Woot!!! She drives like the princess she always was… yay. It’s so weird to see every part that they used listed on a sheet with “WARRANTY” next to it. Actually, less weird, more awesome!

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