Videos From Xbox 360 Demo Disc


A burnable self-booting Xbox 360 demo DVD image is floating around on the internet. Users can download, burn this image, and run it on the new Xbox 360. The demo disk is in .iso format, which must be burned to a DVD-R (or DVD+R). The 360 sometimes has trouble reading a disc burned at the highest speeds (8x or 16x), and works fine when burned at 4x.

OCmodshop has analyzed the disc and have discovered these facts:

  • The disc was released on December 27, 2005 by Team PI
  • The XEX/EXE files are still signed, but they run on a burnable DVD because Microsoft set the media flag so they can run from DVD-R.
  • Video files on the disc are not signed.
  • The disc cannot be used to boot or hot-swap Xbox 360 backups
  • The disc is a simple ISO file and can be read with any ISO extractor. The burned DVD can be browsed in Windows Exlorer
  • Hexic HD is standard Flash. Hexic can be run in a browser with the flash plugin installed. The default.xex file in the Hexic directory may be nothing more than a .SWF file.
  • The playable demos are not accessible if the xbox 360 language is set to German
  • There are more videos and pictures on the disc than those accessible via the Xbox 360 interface.
  • The disc is copyright protected and cannot be legally distributed.

The kiosk demo disk mostly contains videos of released or upcoming Xbox 360 titles, but includes 4 playable demos (Kameo: Elements of Power, King Kong, Call of Duty, and Hexic HD). OCmodshop was able to view this disc and has footage of its content. All of the demo videos are presented here, along with video of sample gameplay and other features. All videos were originally presented in high definition 720p but have been scaled down to DVD-quality 480i MPEG2.

OCmodshop’s Xbox 360 Kiosk Demo Disk
5 minutes 11 seconds
53 MB
Amped 3
1 minute 26 seconds
17 MB
Full Auto
56 seconds
15 MB
Ghost Recon
2 minutes 6 seconds
22 MB
Kameo : Elements of Power
1 minute 30 seconds
19 MB
NBA 2k6
1 minute 12 seconds
13 MB
Need for Speed – Most Wanted
55 seconds
17 MB
1 minute 11 seconds
16 MB
Project Gotham Racing 3
1 minute 38 seconds
24 MB
Test Drive Unlimited
1 minute 40 seconds
16 MB
Top Spin 2
1 minute 8 seconds
11 MB
The Next Generation of Accessories
2 minutes 26 seconds
17 MB
Xbox 360 Features
53 seconds
6 MB
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