Video Game Awards 2007


Best year for games

One could say that 2007 has been one of the best years for video gamers. Or, more accurately: it’s been a great coulpe of months.

Most of the great video games this year, regardless of the platform, have been introduced during the fall quarter. Nearly every gaming platform has had at least one hotly-anticipated title, and the games have been so good that some gamers are now owners of multiple platforms.

Since there were so many great games this year, we have broken them down by platform. We analyzed each game for its innovations, how they utilized the platform, playability, and other factors that make a game great. It will be difficult to come up with an absolute winner that is head-and-shoulders above the rest not only because of the plethora of great games, but that each brings its own set of innovations. Some offer innovative new gameplay, others pushed the graphics and auditory envelope, and some are just simply addictive for reasons we can’t explain.

Every next-gen console has been out for over a year, which has given developers the time to figure out the new systems and what makes a truly great game. Many of the “mediocre” titles that don’t appear on this list are better than most of the games on each console’s launch lineup; which is very good for gamers.  Some of the games listed have been released on more than one platform, but instead of creating a “multiplatform” category we let these games duke it out with the exclusives on the console to see if they truly are one of the best games to be had.

This list not only serves as our aknowledgement of a job well done, but it serves as a holiday buyer’s guide. If you have a gamer in your life, then nearly any game on this list will make a perfect gift. We now present the candidates for [OC]ModShop’s 2007 Video Game Awards.