Verizon’s iPhone vs AT&T iPhone vs Jailbreak


Tear Down This Wall

AT&T has a habit of building monopolies, which has several times been wrentched from their greedy corporate fingers.  Back in the days when long-distance service was the marketable product, the communications juggernaut was bitch-slapped several times, and forced to reorganize.  Then cell phones became the dominant commodity, and AT&T eventually sold to  Cingular, which later again became AT&T.

When AT&T holds a monopoly, they like to play hardball, which is what leads to the afforementioned cyclical bitch-slappings.  In addition to a notorious reputation of dropped calls, AT&T began new billing practices that eliminated unlimited data bandwidth, and imposes additional charges for data tethering.

AT&T has once again held customers hostage.  If you wanted the benefits of the iPhone, then you had to be on AT&T.  This tyrannical reign is now over, as Verizon will begin offering iPhone 4 on February 10th (existing Verizon customers can preorder on February 3rd).

I Got No iPhone
Ain’t got no iPhone yet? This song’s got you covered

Many users have turned to jailbreaking their iPhone devices in response to the limitations imposed by Apple and AT&T.  Hacking your device is as simple as visiting a website, such as  With an updated phone, you can get around many of the limitations imposed by the big corporate giants.  It’s really not scary, and can be completed in a matter of minutes.

Verizon will begin offering the iPhone 4, and will offer features that forces AT&T to take notice.  Is it better to have an iPhone on AT&T’s network, Verizon’s network, or just jailbreak the damn thing?  Below are some of the new features you can expect with a Verizon-branded iPhone to help you decide.

On the next page we look at all the features that Verizon unlocks, and if it’s better to be on AT&T, Verizon, or just Jailbreak your phone.