Veritas Backup Exec 9.1 Review



Data protection is one of the most important aspects concerning a secure datacenter and network. Though I do own and operate OCmodshop that isn’t my full time job. I currently work as network analyst and know how essential a reliable backup system is. Veritas is the leader in data protection and has been for quiet a while, so needless to say they know what they are doing when it comes to designing backup software. Veritas Backup Exec 9.1 for Windows servers is compatible with all Microsoft operating systems including Windows Server 2003.

The box itself isn’t something flashy and I don’t think that with software like this it has to be. The back of the box has a lot of good information on it which will let you know if it is compatible with your operating system and hardware.

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The media comes packaged in a sealed sleeve so the CDs are not scattered throughout the box. There is also a licensing agreement which is quite lengthy but necessary for software these days with piracy running rampant. 3 CDs come in the box: Veritas Backup Exec 9.1 build #4691.1, ExecView 3.1, and eLearning which is an interactive tutorial software.

ExecView is a web-based monitoring tool that includes a user interface called the ExecView Console. This console will allow you to remotely administrate your server via the web which can be useful if you are out of the office. I took the time to look at the eLearning CD and it is actually quite good. It is only one chapter which covers how to backup and if you want to get the all of the lessons you will have to purchase it separately.

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The manual is looks identical to that of the box which is a very nice touch in my opinion. The manual does have a good amount of information to help you with the software. There are two inserts that also come in the box both are for other software titles from Veritas, the first is for DocStore and the other StorageCentral.

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I am going to be installing this software on the OCmodshop server which has the below specifications. I will be backing up the system state for the operating system, data from Internet Information Services, Exchange mailboxes, Exchange public folders, and SQL databases.

OCmodshop server hardware

OCmodshop server software

  • Microsoft Windows 2003 Standard
  • Microsoft Exchange 2003 Enterprise
  • Microsoft SQL 2000
  • Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition 8.1
  • Symanetc Mail Security for Exchange