Verbatim Tuneboard Speaker Keyboard Review


Speakers AND keyboard

I love music.  I have more music than I know what to do with.  Everything from Ludacris to Dean Martin graces the hard drive of my iPod and the shelves of my CD rack.   I listen to music when I write and when I’m cleaning.  I even take my MP3 player to work when I can get away with it.  But being able to play music from a keyboard?  A keyboard with built-in speakers and music controls that totally negate the need for bulky desktop speakers?  I’m all for that.  In fact, I find that freaking awesome.

Verbatim has reached out and touched us once again by playing the heartstrings of the media-loving consumer at large.  The Verbatim TuneBoard seems like a music lover’s dream.  But don’t take my word for it.  Well, actually, please do take my word for it.  This thing is pretty damned cool looking.  But will that be good enough to make it to the final round?  This is the world of technology, folks.  Beauty gets you nowhere unless you have the marble sack to get the job done.  So today I am going to take this keyboard apart, screw by screw and solder joint by chip to make sure that the quality is perfect.  Verbatim, I hope you wore clean underwear today, because you are about to get pantsed.

Just kidding, I’m going to plug it in and play with it.  But first, here are a few useful details on this little tone belcher:

Whether you use your computer to watch videos on YouTube™ or listen to your favorite tunes, the Verbatim Speaker Keyboard for Windows is a great choice. With integrated dual speakers, this keyboard gives you stereo-quality sound at your fingertips – without cluttering up your space with speakers and cords. It also has easy keys to control volume and boost bass and a media console designed to help you manage your music. For an extra cool experience, this keyboard offers backlight illumination you can turn on or off – depending on your surroundings or your mood. With integrated speakers and backlighting, this Verbatim keyboard lets you turn down the lights, turn up the volume and enjoy the ultimate music experience.

  • SPEAKERS – Integrated dual speaker system for stereo sound.
  • SOUND CONTROL – Control volume and boost the base with easy keys.
  • MUSIC CONTROL – Play, Pause… control your tunes from the Media Console.
  • ILLUMINATION – Backlit keys provide improved key visibility in low light.
  • INTERFACE – USB 2.0 (also compatible with USB 1.1 ports)
  • OPERATING SYSTEM – Mac OS 10.4.X and higher