Verbatim Store n Go Micro 4GB Flash Drive Review


Smallest Flash Drive

Nearly everyone in modern society has need for portable digital storage, and therefore carry some sort of USB flash drive. They have replaced the floppy drive in terms of portable ubiquity (even Windows finally uses them to load disk drivers at install time), and it’s so convenient to be able to copy files to and from several computers. While they are small and portable, they still have their problems. Some drives are ruggedized, but can be large and have caps to lose. Other drives are small enough to fit on a key chain, but aren’t rugged enough to withstand the hostile environment of the average jeans pocket.

There are literally hundreds of USB Flash drives, and only a handfull could be considered innovative from a design standpoint. Verbatim has delivered a flash drive that appears to be small enough to not be cumbersome, has a tough rugged exterior, and is resistant to damage. They have dubbed this drive the Store ‘n’ Go Micro.

The Verbatim Store n Go Micro is also referred to as the Tuff ‘n’ Tiny USB Drive. They come in three different denominations, and each have their own color. They are available in 2GB (orange), 4GB (green), and 8GB (purple).

Penny-thin and travel-tough, the Verbatim TUFF-‘N’-TINY™ USB Drive offers secure storage in one of the most compact, durable USB flash drives available. Designed for everyday handling and resistant to dust, water and static discharges, this drive measures up to its name and is compatible with all USB ports. It offers password security for Windows users and is enhanced for Windows® ReadyBoost™ for Windows 7 and Vista users. Perfect for carrying the files you use every day, the TUFF-‘N’-TINY™ drive comes with key ring lanyard to attach to mobile phones or key rings. Choose from capacities of 2GB, 4GB and 8GB. See for yourself how the Verbatim TUFF-‘N’-TINY™ sizes up!

Features & Benefits

  • Tiny, rugged USB drive measures 1.19 x 0.5 x 0.06 inch
  • Resistant to dust, water and static discharges
  • Compatible with ALL USB ports
  • Password security for Windows users
  • Enhanced for Windows® ReadyBoost™
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP or 2000, Mac OS 9.x or higher, Linux kernel 2.6x or higher
  • Bonus key ring lanyard for mobile phones or key rings
  • Available in 2GB, 4GB and 8GB capacities