Verbatim Recharge-Go Mouse Review


Mice with frickin' lasers!

How scary are the rodents of the future?  Mice that can shoot lasers with advanced precision from a single eye.  They have no fear and invade homes by the millions across the country.  Around the world, even.  And, they are wireless.  But weren’t mice always wireless?  The disease-spreading kind were, but Verbatim’s Recharge/Go wireless laser mouse is a picture of the advances we have made toward making wires a thing of the past.

The Recharge comes in a black and green box wrapped around blister packaging.  It’s a very eye-catching array of colors that grabs you from its perch on the shelf.  And why don’t more people use matte black with glossy pictures on their boxes?  All the big gaming companies do it, why don’t the little guys?  It would actually cost less in the long run to leave it matte and just put a little bit of gloss on it.  Packaging is the seller when it comes to store shelves, people.  You want someone to look at your product?  Make the box hot.  Put Carmen Electra on that son of a gun.  Holy mother of….

So back to the mouse.  With a receiver that doubles as a charger, just dock the mouse in the receiver, charge and go – saves time, batteries and money. It’s also wireless – no cord clutter – and offers the reliability of a 2.4Ghz connection – that means no delayed cursor movement. Designed for comfort, it’s a perfect fit for right-handers and offers 3 programmable buttons for 1-click access to functions you use most. The 3-setting speed control lets you set a cursor speed to match your activity, and laser technology gives you more cursor precision and control. With this mouse, forget changing batteries – just recharge and go.

  • Re-Chargable – Save Buttons. Dock, recharge and go.
  • Laser – Precision movement and control with laser sensor tracking
  • Ergonomic – Ergonomic design for enhanced comfort and usability
  • Multi-Button – Enjoy one-click access to key functions with 3 programmable buttons.