Verbatim Quad-Interface eHDD

Verbatim Quad-Interface eHDD
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I know these numbers are like a slap in the face for all you USB 2.0 fans, but as I have said before, USB 2.0 is only capable of “bursting” to 480 MB/s, and then it drops back down.  eSATA and Firewire were built specifically for data transfer and not for handling a million different hot-swappable peripherals.  While the USB is more versatile than either of the latter, it is not faster except in short sprints.

To wrap this review up, I was a little disappointed that it didn’t include the newest fad to hit external HDD’s, Bluetooth.  Other than that, I couldn’t find anything to complain about.  The speeds were fast, the unit didn’t overheat, and it was very versatile.  Overall, I’m happy with how the Verbatim Q-I performed and I look forward to trying out their next external HDD in the future.

REPORT CARD : Verbatim Quad-Interface eHDD
category rating comments
Quality 5 Studily built, thick metal body and not bad to look at.
Innovation 4 It’s all about the wireless these days, and that’s the only thing that kept this product from getting a full-blown 5
Reliability 5 No heat problems and consistent speeds, would last a long time.
Green Factor 5 Eco-friendly HDD means less pollution and more money for you.
Value 3 The price of the HDD along with the cost of the enclosure is just about right.
FINAL VERDICT: 4 out of 5 stars
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  1. Don Haynes says:

    Why would I want to stream music from a 500GB hard drive to any other BT-enabled device I have? I have no idea. Or being able to access it with the new bluetooth enabled firmware for PSP? No clue.

  2. Brett Dalton says:

    why the hell would you want to use bluetooth for a hdd.. it's like sticking my media center on a 56k modem connection….

    On the up side of things I can't wait to see a USB 3.0 version -)

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