Verbatim PhotoSave DVD Review


Consolodated photo backup

How many pictures does the average Joe or Jane have on their computer?  With the ease of use and availability of today’s digital cameras, people are snapping and storing like there’s no tomorrow.  You can easily fill up a hard drive in no time with pictures of your family, friends, vacation, wedding, the honeymoon.  Well, maybe not the honeymoon.  But if you do, please send me an example.

Verbatim has created the PhotoSave DVD.  Verbatim’s PhotoSave DVD allows you to quickly backup and archive up to 2,000* photos stored on your PC or digital camera.  This recordable DVD searches and stores over 80 different types of photo and video files, protecting your valuable photo memories from hard drive crashes.  It searches your computer or digital camera and archives all your photos away for safe keeping and easy searching.  Hell, it has software built into each and every disc and basically does the work for you.  People are so lazy these days, that even the multimedia storage has to be programmed to take care of itself.  And for $9.99 for a 3-pack this thing better check my email for me and prank call old girlfriends.  I have a copy, so let’s test it out and see what the big friggin’ deal is.

Features & Benefits

  • Preserve your photos from accidental deletion, computer loss/theft and hard drive crashes in 3 simple steps
  • Hybrid disc technology:  DVD-R with integrated software
  • PhotoSave DVD provides automatic photo (.jpg) search/burn feature or allows you to search and store up to  80+ photo formats
  • Save photos from hard drive or direct from camera/flash media
  • PhotoSave DVD lets you add additional photos and store multiple times until the disc is full!
  • Have more than 4.5GBs of photos? Verbatim PhotoSave DVD allows for multiple disc backup for these projects.