Verbatim LightScribe Color DVD-R Review


Mo' Colo'

Verbatim is at it again with a new line of recordable media.  This time, we get a variety of colors in the form of the image-etching tool known as LightScribe.  Originally they came only in the color “Gold”.  I guess it wouldn’t be as flashy to call it “Vomit Yellow”, and now they have one-upped themselves by bringing us four new brilliant colors to make our burned media look that much more vibrant.  Now you can have any color of the rainbow you want, as long as you only want Green, Blue, Red, Orange, and Yellow.  Here’s some more info on it before I commence the burning.

LightScribe Direct Disc Labeling is a new technology that offers consumers and businesses a simple, no-hassle way to burn professional, silkscreen-quality labels on their DVDs.  Using the same laser that burns data in their disc drives, customers burn their data as always, flip the disc over, reinsert it into the drive and burn a precise and permanent iridescent label.

Features & Benefits

  • Available in a 5 color background assortment – Green, Blue, Orange, Red & Yellow
  • Burn music, digital photo albums, presentations and home movies directly on your DVD or CD.  Flip…. Inscribe/Burn your customized label.  All with one laser…in one drive!
  • Professional-quality labels: laser precision and detail means no more marker scrawl or adhesive labels to center, only to have them peel off the disc
  • Simplicity: no-hassle labels, just burn the disc, flip it and burn the label
  • Durability: the disc’s image-ready coating is an integral part of its manufacture, providing long-lasting, scratch-resistant labels
  • Mobility: labels can be burned wherever and whenever a disc is burned, no need for a printer
  • Creativity: freedom to combine text and graphics in simple or complex labels that reflect one’s personality and attitude
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

And these things really are pretty cool.  That extra thick protective layer is pretty handy if you simply throw your discs around on your desk or, if you are like me, toss them on top of the DVD player when you are done watching one.  For this test I am going to burn an ISO of a Windows Drivers compilation that I bought online as a download.  There are laws preventing you from copying discs, but nothing says you can’t burn the media you buy online unless plainly outlined in the usage terms.  So I am golden.

Ten minutes of burn time later, I am ready to design my LightScribe label.  I used Nero, and designed my label using the LightScribe plugin which can be found online.  It does cost a small amount, but it’s worth it if you don’t want to use other programs to do your burning after you design your media.  I set the options for the best quality print and the darkest image, then proceeded to walk away.  This is going to take around 20 minutes, so I can go catch the last few minutes of House before it ends.  You see what these reviews do to me?  I have to miss my favorite shows just so you people have something to read.  You better remember me this Christmas.

These discs utilize LightScribe Media 1.2, which has a lighter background which gives a deeper and darker contrast.  In short, a clearer image.  Version 1.0 had a darker color coating, giving the images a lighter contrast and making them harder to see.  Personally, I had no problem viewing the original discs, and these don’t look any different to me.  But they don’t cost any more or any less, so I can’t really find anything to complain about.  Even if you buy them specifically for that purpose rather than getting original LS discs, you’re not losing out on anything.  Unless you are disappointed, then you can sue them for mental anguish.

Ding!  Disc is done!  I hear my optical tray slide out and the familiar beep of Nero letting me know that my copy is completed.  The media looks pretty nice, but like I said, it’s not an apparent improvement over 1.0 or the Gold version.  But it does look nice.  And having a variety of colors to chose from is still fun, especially if you are sending home movies to family around the holidays.  All in all, the new colored LightScribe is nice eye candy, but still not the full-on colored images we are all waiting on.  Still, it’s a nice change from “Vomit Yellow”.  Just kidding, Verbatim…

The Verbatim Color LightScribe DVD+R media is really a no-brainer.  They cost exactly the same as other LightScribe Media (do a price check here), and come in more colors, so you can categorize your media by color, or just have discs that are nicer to look at.  The only problem is availability… since they are new, I haven’t seen any in retail stores, but you can buy them online.  If you dig LightScribe media, and are willing to put in the extra time to make these labels, then the Verbatim Color LightScribe DVD+Rs are great… you really have nothing to lose.

REPORT CARD : Verbatim Color LightScribe DVD+R Media
category rating comments
Quality 5 Discs are of great quality, and the new LightScribe has better contrast
Innovation 4 Higher contrast with more colors.  Still monochrome, though.
Performance 5 16X burn performance with no flaws.
Installation 5 Same as regular LightScribe
Value 4 Same price as regular Verbatim Lightscribe.  Do a price check here.
FINAL VERDICT: 5 out of 5 stars
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