Verbatim 12GB Store’n’Go HDD


Miniature 12GB marvel

Flash drives have been getting larger and larger, and our need for portable storage is only getting greater. It wasn’t long ago that we reviewed Verbatim’s 2GB U3 flash drive, and we thought that was plenty of space for all of our portable data needs… but we quickly found ourselves starving for more data. I never really liked to use more than 1GB of data, because you never know when you’re going to need that extra space…

U3 drives are really neat in that you can install “portable applications”, in which everything the program needs to run is contained within the flash drive. No registry settings, no dependencies on shared resources or the presence of “My Documents”. Even thought there’s only a handful of really “useful” portable applications, it’s very easy to use up 1GB of your flash drive with these essenetials… so the once large 2GB flash drive no loner does the trick.

So large 2GB flash drives no longer do the trick, and although there are 8GB flash drives available, they are very expensive. Enter Verbatim’s 12GB Store ‘n’ Go USB Hard Drive. It is just slightly larger than a normal USB flash drive, is very light, and provides four more Gigabytes than the largest NAND flash device. Embedded on the device is Ceedo, a portable applications manager that works much like U3, although applications must be written for Ceedo: U3 and Ceedo applications are not compatible with each other.

The Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go drive is slightly larger than a traditional USB flash drive. It is enclosed in glossy white plastic and embellished with a deep blue button with the Verbatim logo. The button is purely aesthetic and serves no function. There is a small dual-color LED on the bottom of the drive which displays the power and read activity. The LED turns blue when powered on and flashes orange when there is drive activity.

A small USB plug is tucked into the enclosure and is flipped up similar to a pocket knife accessory. The USB port can be rotated over 180 degrees, so there should be little concern of the device fitting on your computer’s back panel. I’m glad to see the USB connector is integrated to the unit and not a cable with a dongle, a huge improvement over Verbatim’s 4GB Store’n’Go HDD. Also included in the package is a USB extetion cable, just in case you need it, a white vinyl carrying case with belt strap, and a simple manual.

  • 12GB of storage space with built-in USB 2.0 connectivity
  • Pre-loaded with Mobile Launchpad, the “start” menu for your USB HD Drive
  • Auto-synchronize* between computer(s) and USB drive
  • Sleek and compact design, convenient for carrying and transporting files
  • Ease of use. Same Plug and Play operation as a USB drive – no external power required
  • One Year Limited Warranty