Velvet Assassin Review (PC)


The Ass is Back in Assassin

I ask you people, is there anything sexier than a female killer wearing tight leather? The answer is no. There’s not. In fact, it can be a little distraction having a booty that nice right in front of you when you’re playing a first-person shooter. So I decided that instead of writing a review of the actual game, I would instead write about the main character’s arse. I’ve compiled video of it in many scenarios and under many different lighting situations. You will agree, I’m sure, that it is a work of art that could rival even the rump of Lara Croft. That’s saying a lot. So without further ado…

Just kidding. While her butt does seem to play a very prominent role in this game, as it is all over the screen seemingly all the time, the real story is decoding the past of Violette Summer. Velvet Assassin, originally titled Sabatoge, begins with a view of Violette from above as she lies in a hospital bed surrounded by syringes of morphine which are inducing flashbacks to past missions and “killing sprees”, during which you take control of the action.


Behind enemy lines, deep within German territory – one woman stands between the Third Reich and complete world domination. Dubbed the “Velvet Assassin,” Violette Summer is tasked with a multitude of duties to disrupt and bring down the German war machine from the inside. First introduced to Violette as she fades in and out of consciousness in a hospital, players are asked to play through missions via Violette’s memory. As they work their way through the steps that led her to this hospital, players will assassinate high level targets, destroy German supply depots and deliver cyanide to fellow agents in captivity. Join Violette as she makes her way through war-torn backdrops of WWII to help bring an end to the horror that has been unleashed.

  • Brutal Assassinations and Sabotage Missions: Bring your enemies to a violent end that they’ll never see coming.
  • Stylized Environments: Explore hyper-realistic, dreamlike settings that are modeled after actual WWII locations.
  • Morphine Mode: As Violette experiences fever dreams, nurses administer morphine creating a time freeze effect, allowing Violette to “adjust” her memories during gameplay.
  • Unique and Realistic Gameplay Perspective: Experience the unimaginable horrors of stealthy, off-battlefield warfare, and discover letters and treasures left behind by German soldiers.
  • Realistic 1940’s Weapons: Use a variety of weapons and items that are true to WWII fighting.
  • 12 Breath-taking levels: Go on assassination missions, try to survive Violette’s nightmares, and complete a rescue mission that is anything but life saving.
  • Adjustable Skills: By locating collectibles throughout the game, Violette will be able to upgrade her skills to play more to your style, whether it be stealth or strength.
  • Based on Historic Figure: Violette Szabo – real life secret agent whom went behind enemy lines to sabotage the German war effort.

Here’s what we know from the plot outline:

Born in Devon, England, Violette Summer grew up in a happy family and had a great and active childhood. Initially, she started her working life in a beauty salon before the outbreak of war inspired her to move to London and join the weapon industry. It didn’t take too long for her to be noticed by the Secret Services; she was after all beautiful, athletic and had great attention to detail. It was only a formality that she was recruited into MI6 during Britain’s darkest hours. Violette had lost an aunt during one of the first Luftwaffe bombing attacks and to further compound her heartache she later lost her RAF husband in battle.

However, Violette was strong willed and used these painful experiences to inspire her to succeed as a spy for the MI6. Violette managed to carry out several missions successfully before being gravely wounded by a German sniper on a mission to kill Kamm, a German military intelligence officer. Comatose in a hospital in France, Violette relives key moments in a series of flashbacks.

Hence the bulk of gameplay will take place during these flashbacks.