Vantec Slot Protector Kit


What to get the modder who has everything

The inside of a computer case is often covered in dust. More importantly, dust can settle inside unoccupied PCI and RAM slots. Over time, the dust build-up can become significant enough to cause contact problems with newly installed PCI cards or extra RAM memory. With Vantec’s PCI/RAM Slot Protectors, you can easily prevent dust from settling inside your PCI/RAM slots. Additionally, the Vantec PCI/RAM Slot Protectors are UV-Reactive, a perfect accessory for systems with windowed cases and UV lighting.

The packaging is very simple, with the plastic products shown through clear plastic. The back hosts information about the product.

The kit comes with 8 pieces: three of which are memory covers, and five PCI covers. Most modders today will be using dual-channel memory, so you will use two memory slots (leaving one spare). If you have an older motherboard using single channel memory, you could feasilbly use all three.

  • Easy To Install
  • Great for Case Mod
  • Protect PCI/RAM Slots From Dust

Package Includes:

  • RAM Slot Protector x 3pcs
  • PCI Slot Protector x 5pcs
  • SPK-08UV-BK (Black)
  • SPK-08UV-GR (Green)
  • SPK-08UV-YL (Yellow)
  • SPK-08UV-RD (Red)
  • SPK-08UV-BL (Blue)

You may wonder if you actually need to keep dust out of your computer’s slots. I have cleaned enough computers in my day to tell you that the neglected PC can breed dust bunnies large enough to kill a small rat. If you’re a case modder, however, then you probably take care of your equipment, and have a can of compressed air within a five-foot radius.

This actually might be a good choice for a home theater PC, where it is not always feasible to clean it frequently. I have several HTPCs, and their air circulation is not as optimal as an upright mini tower. When I do clean them (usually once every few months), there are noticeable dust collections around the air vents.

I actually had trouble keeping the memory slot protectors in place: the memory connectors do not grip the plastic tabs, and the memory side grips pop over the slot protector. As a result, the memory slot protectors easily fell out, requiring me to put them back in place after I transported my rig to a LAN party.