Vantec NexStar 3 HDD Enclosure



So when Vantec asked us to review some goodies we said yes obviously, so I got a nice big box filled with goodies, now lets check some of that out shal we.

First up for review is the Vantec NexStar3 external 3.5” harddrive enclosure, now I already have an external enclosure but I wondered what would the difference be? Well it turns out not much on the outside… but its on the inside what matters.

By just looking at the boxart you know instantly what your dealing with, so the box shows us this version has a USB 2.0 and(!) a firewire connection and additional information is on the back.

Now as showed on the box is that you can get anything up to 480Mbps on USB2.0 and looking in the manual we can get up to 400Mbps for firewire, so it’s a bit slower, but we’ll see how much in the benchmarking.

When opening the box you can clearly see what you bought and how its packed the aluminum enclosure has a high gloss finish that can function as an external HDD enclosure and a mirror, finished off with some chrome. Included in the package is all the mounting screws, the power supply, firewire and USB cables, and a vertical mounting stand.

Now I already had an enclosure as you read before, a Revoltec Alu Book edition, and guess what…. Almost identical, just look at the pictures its basically the same except for the USB module and some looks but the basic structure is identical which is handy cause now I can stack them :P.