Vantec EZ-Swap 2 Hot-Swap HDD Bay Review



Removeable hard drive racks offer users a convenient way to move lots of data around. The emergence of Serial ATA now allows users to hot-swap hard drives like SCSI. Finding a quality hard drive rack can be quite a task, however. The drive enclosure should support cooling the drive, should be lockable, and should be pleasing to look at, without visually distracting from your custom rig.

One of the most useful server features is a hot-swappable drive bay. Some entry-level servers do not include this feature, or you may have a PC configuration that makes uninstalling hard drives a time-consuming process. Vantec has answered the call with their EZ-Swap2 hot-swappable drive bay. It supports SATA and SATA 2 drives. These can be useful for the desktop user who wants to physically swap out their boot drives, take data with you, or can be used in a RAID array to support hot-swapping of naughty drives.

The EZ-Swap 2 Serial ATA version is as convenient as a mobile rack can get. It allows hard drives to be directly connected without going through additional circuits, thereby reducing the potential for performance loss. The drive is secured inside a cartridge, which is then inserted into a bay chasis. The EZ-Swap 2 SATA also features a clever keylock mechanism to safeguard the drive physically and electronically. Since it uses SATA technology, the EZ-Swap 2 SATA is also hot swappable.

  • Increase Your Data Mobility
  • Compatible with 3.5″ Serial ATA HDD
  • Easy Installation
  • Perfect For Data Back-Up
  • Fits In Any Standard 5.25″ Drive Bay
  • Convenient Handle.
  • Anti-Dust Cover
  • LED Indicators for Power & HDD.
  • Single Internal Cooling Fans.
  • Model: MRK-300ST-BK
  • Device Space: 5.25” Drive Bay
  • Interface: Serial ATA
  • Cooling fan: 40x40x10
  • Material: Plastic & aluminum alloy
  • Dimensions: 189x149x42mm (5.9”x7.4”x1.7”)
  • Package Contents: SATA EZ Swap 2
  • 16 screws
  • 2 keys
  • User manual