USA Today Puzzle Craze from Destineer


Word Puzzles! Yay!

If you’re a busy person AND love word puzzles, then Destineer has you covered like a Jimmy Hat.  No longer is there a need to carry around bulky newspapers and waste trees; now you can pollute the environment by charging up your Nintendo DS battery and play your favorite word puzzles on the go!

Destineer has teamed up with the hip swingsters at USA Today to bring you “USA Today Puzzle Craze”, which consolodates four different newspaper word puzzles into one game.

Your Favorite Puzzle Games on the Go!
USA Today Puzzle Craze is the ultimate game for puzzle lovers. Choose from Quick-Cross, Word Roundup, Up and Down Words and Hidato, all provided by official USA TODAY Puzzle Crafters. Use the Nintendo DS stylus to your favorite games anywhere, anytime – no pencil needed!

4 Puzzle Types to Challenge your Brain:
Discover the hidden path in the new puzzle sensation Hidato, find the missing words as you complete phrases in Up and Down Words, tackle mini-crosswords in Quick-Cross, and decipher the clues to find the words in Word Roundup!

Rich Single Player Experience: Advance from the mailroom all the way up to Editor-in-Chief as you tackle puzzles that let you climb the corporate ladder! Every puzzle you complete gets you closer to your goal.

Multiplayer options: Go head-to-head with a human opponent via Single-Card or Multi-Card Nintendo DS Wireless Communications, or gift a puzzle to a friend to share the fun.

USA TODAY Puzzle Craze is scheduled for release this fall from Destineer and developer Magellan Interactive.

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