Unified Communication Solutions with High Quality Video-Conferencing


Have you noticed a difficulty communicating across your corporation? This can lead to a lack in motivation around the office or difficulty between co-workers, it can even affect productivity as assignments may not be communicated effectively enough between colleagues. Whether it’s the high cost of travel, trouble staying in touch with global offices or a need to hold more meetings between colleagues, customers, partners or clients, Blue Jeans may have the solution you need. Video-conferencing could be the solution your company has been looking for.


One of the main benefits of video conferencing is the ability it gives you to be involved with as large a network as you choose. Video conferencing gives you the ability to be in many places at once. It is a great way to stay connected with all of the divisions, regardless of their geographical location. This enables your global company to be just that; global!

With dedication to multiple sites, this will make you more productive. Your company can virtually stay connected at all hours of the day, giving you the edge over any competition. Imagine your Dallas office being in tune with the employees in London or the L.A. office staying completely up-to-date with what’s going on in Japan. You have the ability to be the company that seems to never sleep because with unified communication solutions such as video conferencing, you actually can be. Without even leaving the office, you can bring your business across the world.

Getting Telecommuting Employees Involved

Did you know that on average, 24% of the workforce telecommutes at least part of the week? This number is projected to increase dramatically over the next two decades. Companies who can hold on to their employees who work outside of the office will have a stronger workforce overall and can build a more talented, flexible team than the competition. Can you really afford to be the company that doesn’t respect the opinions of their telecommuting employees?

Instead of waiting for everyone to be in the office (or having to fly in an employee that telecommutes full-time), you can hold a conference that allows this person to be present. Your employees will never feel that they’re out of the loop as long as they are able to attend the video conferences. They will feel their voices are being heard, their opinions are being respected and that they’re not missing out on important company details.

Economical/Saves Money

One of the best reasons to make use of video communications is the expense. Your company only stands to benefit from not having to spend extra money on travel costs. You won’t have to spend as much for travel costs of your employees because they won’t be making as many business trips for meetings. There will be a smaller percentage that has to go into fuel reimbursements, less need for car fare, less plane tickets and hotel bills. It even saves on little nickel and dime items that mean more attention can be given to the meeting. All of the saved dollars will add up and can be redistributed elsewhere.

Maintaining Personal Connections

Video conferencing with Blue Jeans is a great way to keep your employees feeling connected. A video conference means that you can invite every team member you need to attend. Often times, there are meetings that don’t allow everyone to be present for external factors like travel costs. With this technology, you can still hold conferences and have everyone you want from the division to be present. This is helpful even for smaller meetings that only involve a small part of a division. Video conferences help keep every meeting simple and effective.

Retaining Employees

Employees who feel respected are more likely to stay around. Being able to tune in to what’s going on helps employees feel important to their company. Even when employees have to be away on a business trip, vacation or are working abroad for another reason. Regardless the circumstance, it will help keep your employees feeling connected if they can tune in to what is going on with the company.

Group Moral

Unlike a phone conference, being able to tune in with video helps employees feel more productive. It will save your company time and effort, as colleagues, customers and investors are able to share ideas or discuss future plans together. Being able to have a video teleconference will save your company a lot of time and effort.

Overall, implementing a way to enjoy high-quality video conferencing technology is going to help your company. It will allow for more freedom among your employees, better communication with investors and partners, and it saves the company from additional expenses such as travel. Isn’t it time your company found a new solution for its communication needs? Blue Jeans is here to solve them and much more.