Uniden Wireless Phone System

I am using a Uniden PowerMax 5.8 GHz phone system.  It comes with a base (which is the main hub, and is the answering machine).  Up to 10 “client” phones can connect to the hub, which acts as a “network controller” if you will. Once a handset is registered with the phone, it automatically sees all the other phones in the network. 

Why do you care about seeing the other phones in the network?  You can transfer stored numbers from one phone to another, “dial in” to another room to use the destination as a room monitor, use the phone system as an intercom (helpful for multiple-story houses), and even use a “direct connection” feature that lets you use the phones as walkie-talkies!  In “direct connection” mode you don’t even have to be at your house (you can take 2 phones with you to the mall or on a nature walk or whatever and use them like walkie-talkies!).  You can also transfer calls to another handset, so you don’t have to go around the house screaming for your wife or kids to pick up the phone. 
You can even “remote in” to the answering machine to retrieve messages.  When the hub has a message, it sends updates to the clients so they know.  As soon as you register a handset with the base, it even automatically synchs the time!  All of the handsets also have speaker-phones and headset jacks, so you can be hands-free with any handset.
…and it only uses 1 telephone line (perfect if you are using Vonage and don’t want to re-wire your house).
Anyone else using these versitile phone systems?  It seems like everyone is starting to make them now.
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